Paul Mifsud provides a range of consultancy services for both local and foreign clients, providing comprehensive advice and assistance for new and existing business in a variety of fields, including human resources, IT, bank proposals, financial and legal advice and investigations.

Business Set Up

Paul Mifsud provides a complete service in which he can assess business goals and targets and aid his clients in setting up a tax-efficient structured business in Malta, according to the necessary requirements. Paul Mifsud provides assistance in financial set up, registration, and assistance in the preparation of deeds and other legal documentation.

Human Resources

Paul Mifsud offers new and established businesses detailed evaluations of employee motivational factors, training requirements and the management and providing of training programs targeting specific individuals’ gaps in skill or knowledge. Paul Mifsud also offers team building advice and promotes healthy motivation and competition between employees.

Information Technology

Paul Mifsud offers in-house technical and business expertise to local and foreign clients seeking to address any gaps in their information technology. Paul Mifsud provides solutions to problems implemented in an efficient and professional manner, placing his clients at the forefront of their industries through the latest information technology, alongside the necessary skills to utilise it to its full advantages.

Business Restructuring

Paul Mifsud provides practical financial advice and business restructuring advice for various businesses including institutions, private firms, investors and corporations. He provides interim management, financial advice and secured creditor services to ensure that a business can continue to prosper. He offers a wide range of support, actively involved in the restructure from inception to conclusion.


Fraud investigations are often particularly difficult to undertake, and in the case of internally or externally perpetuated fraud, Paul Mifsud can conduct financial investigations to identify investment fraud, cheque fraud, false employment fraud, loan fraud, non-cash asset fraud and internet fraud amongst others.